Winstrol’s Effect on Our Body That You Cannot Ignore 

Winstrol’s Effect on Our Body That You Cannot Ignore 

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 Winstrol is also sold in the market with the name of Stanozolol and is an anabolic steroid developed during 1960s. Medical professionals are using this drug for treating various medical conditions. However, it is more famous as a performance enhancement drug. Ever since Ben Johnson was declared the user of Winstrol during 1988 Olympic Game, Winstrol has become a prominent drug in the sports world. Sports authorities have however categorized Winstrol as banned substance.

Effects of Winstrol

This drug cannot be treated like any other muscle builder drug, but it can certainly improve your performance in the field. Athletes can show remarkable performance without showing up too much of his muscle. It is found to be quite good for our bone too. FDA has also approved this drug for human consumption and therefore many doctors prescribe this drug as medicine for treating a number of medical conditions. Even veterinarians also use it for treating animals and those animals that are taken for slaughter.

You can buy Winstrol either in oral pill form or in the form of an injection. You can take 50 mg daily for a period of 6 to 12 weeks depending upon your training schedule. Some athletes may prefer to take little more dosage and can go up to 100 mg per day. Since, this drug can affect our liver and hence one should not exceed this limit.

Effect of Winstrol on men

The most common side effects on men are decrease of natural testosterone production which is found in almost all anabolic androgenic steroids. Since, Winstrol is lower in anabolic and androgenic effects and hence your testosterone production will not be seriously affected. Therefore, while going through Winstrol cycle one must combine any testosterone supplement like Deca Durabolin. One can find development of acne and male pattern baldness.

In extreme cases, some people may find reduction in their testicular size and production of enough sperm may also decrease. This was also proved by trying on animals during the year 1982. However, if you stop taking this drug then your sperm count will again get back to its normal level. Therefore, if you are interested to start your family then you have to stay away from this drug till your partner conceives.

If this drug is used for pretty long duration then it may also affect your cardiovascular system, which will be reflected in your lipid profile.

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