Do Holiday Parties and Sobriety Mix? Tips for Surviving (and Thriving in) the Festive Season

Do Holiday Parties and Sobriety Mix? Tips for Surviving (and Thriving in) the Festive Season

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Those leaves are falling. The holidays will be here before we know it. The festive season begins with Halloween costume parties; and soon, we’re sledding right into the winter holiday hoorahs. Invitations to party with officemates, or to attend gatherings with family and friends, typically pop up, and sometimes they abound!

Of course, alcohol is also a welcome guest at many, even most, of these holiday gatherings. For some people, this doesn’t present any challenges. But for people in recovery, joining in the festivities when alcohol is on the scene can be risky business.

Here are a few ideas that Lancaster County rehab suggests to celebrate your strength and sobriety, while genuinely enjoying the party.

Bring a Board Game

If your host is all for it, bring a board game or two. As games add socializing options to any gathering and take pressure off the hosts, they tend to be welcomed.

The other great thing about board games is the way they reward clear thinking! Booze becomes a liability for the friends who gather at the table, eager to show off their best strategies as they compete for the winning scores.

Bring Sparkling Fruit Drinks That Everyone Can Enjoy

Any kind of juice can become an attractive, fancy, and refreshing spritzer when topped off with sparking water. Bring some interesting juices that will spark people’s curiosity.

Youngsters, designated drivers, and people who aren’t in the mood to get tipsy will love your offerings.

Host a Cool-Weather Walk or Hiking Party

Invite friends out for an autumn or winter stroll. Our area has so much natural beauty to explore. Many people hesitate to go outside and appreciate it in winter, but make a social event of it, and they’ll come. They’ll be grateful, too, for having something social to do that burns calories instead of increasing them!

Encourage participants to wear those ugly sweaters. Make a contest out of this. Just be sure you award the prize to someone whose top is deliberately  ugly, or things could get a little embarrassing.

Celebrate Your Strength

If you have a chip or a special note that reminds you of the vital importance of sobriety in your life, bring it. Hold it in your pocket or affix it to your dashboard.

Remember that New Year’s Eve is coming, and many people will be struggling to resolve to live in healthier ways. You have already made a major resolution to respect your body and mind; be pleased with this gift to yourself.

And whether you know it or not, there are others around you who see you as a beacon. Thank you for your example.


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