10 Steps for Selecting a Caterer for Your Next Event!

10 Steps for Selecting a Caterer for Your Next Event!

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If you are organizing a private event, there are many things to consider, but before you think of the minute details, you need to find a good caterer. Food & beverage require attention, and with the right catering service, half of your job is done.

Here are the 10 steps for selecting a service for catering Houston.

  1. Ask around. Talk to your friends, colleagues and neighbors to find the best catering services in town. References are handy when you are not sure of where to start.
  2. Make a shortlist. Based on feedback, reviews and other details, make a shortlist of the top five catering services in your area, so as to compare them.

  1. Know your caterer. Is the company reputed? How long they have been in business? What’s their area of expertise? Ask questions about their clients, as well.
  2. Find more about the services. Some caterers just deal in full-services, while others may offer delivery too. if the event or party is scheduled at your home, the latter might be a better idea.
  3. What else do they offer? Do they offer buffet services? Can they take care of dessert stations and bar service? Can they arrange for bartenders and servers?
  4. Check for packages. Well, if you don’t want a custom menu, going for a package might be a better choice as far prices are concerned. You can expect to get a good offer for the whole deal.
  5. Seek an estimate. In case there are no packages available, send your requirements and ask the caterer to offer an estimate on email.
  6. Check the response time. If a caterer takes more than a couple of days to send an estimate or respond your emails, do not work with them – Period. A company that doesn’t value your time is not worth considering.
  7. Request for sampling. Some caterers may arrange for sampling for an additional charge, so check for that, as well. If you are organizing a big event, you may want to taste their culinary expertise.
  8. Finally, do check if they have BBQ service and the kind of meats they deal in. Catering services can be quite handy for serving distinct dinner to your guests on a special day. A good caterer will also offer a mix of local dishes, including signature recipes.

Check online now to find the options, and before you consider anything else, do check if the venue to know if there is space for BBQ catering and other special needs.


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